Few other components on your car or truck are as critical to you and your family’s safety as the braking system. Unfortunately, we often don’t recognize the symptoms of worn or broken parts until it’s too late. Unlike “check engine” or “oil” lights, typically there is no warning signal to let you know it’s time for your brakes to be repaired or replaced. At M&D Auto it is our mission to keep your car or truck in top running condition and as absolutely as safe as possible. Frequently, brake repair doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. It is often a case of simple pads replacement which can be done quickly and reasonably. Generally speaking, the more expensive the repair, the longer the braking system has been left unattended. A ten to fifteen minute stop at our shop will determine the condition of your brakes and whether work needs to be done now or in the near future.

Whether foreign or domestic, we have the ability to perform any brake service your car or truck may need. And we can do it in the time we tell you and at the price we promise. Occasionally, we’ll discover additional work that needs to be done after an initial inspection. You can be sure we’ll call you to discuss the situation and give you the cost involved and the option to have us proceed. We never want you to be surprised when your bill is presented or disappointed with our performance. We truly believe that only by going above and beyond will we deserve to continue business.

Brake Repair

The quality brake system services we provide include:

ABS Control Module
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor
Bleed Brake System
Brake Caliper
Brake Drum Remachined or Resurfaced
Brake Drum Replacement
Brake Flexible Hose
Brake Fluid
Brake Master Cylinder

Brake Pads
Brake Rotor and Disc
Brake Rotor Re-Machine
Brake Shoes
Brake Wheel Cylinder
Front Brake Caliper
Parking Brake Shoes
Rear Brake Caliper
Wheel Bearing (Replacement)
Wheel Bearing Service

Brake Parts