Although often overlooked as a safety concern, your exhaust and emissions components are items that must not be forgotten about. Typically, until an obvious muffler issue is noticed, we tend to think that every things alright with the exhaust system. In addition, as the state has mandated emission tests to be performed occasionally, we assume that those tests assure us that we don’t have to worry. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the fact. In addition, a properly working exhaust system has benefits that will be assure not only the cabin air quality but mileage and engine life.

M&D Auto Repair has the right testing equipment as well as trained personnel that will check the entire exhaust and emissions system in a very short time and get you back on the road with either an exact estimate for repair or, the peace of mind knowing that everything is operating as it should. And, you can rest assured that whatever the result of an inspection may be, it will be a fair and honest appraisal. After all, isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for in an auto repair shop? Knowing that you’re being told the truth is something that has value far beyond simply getting an answer that you want to hear.

Exhaust System

M&D Auto Services can complete any of the following services to repair exhaust or emissions problems:

Catalytic Converter
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve
Exhaust Manifold
Exhaust Pipe and Tail Pipe
Front Oxygen Sensor
Muffler Repair or Replacement
Oxygen Sensor
Rear Oxygen Sensor