Automotive ELECTRICAL systems provide power for the lighting systems, instrumentation, safety devices (like airbags), generators, alternators, voltage regulators, starter motors, and many other accessories.

Automotive ELECTRONICS refers to the computer-controlled modules (and black box items) used to control and monitor the engine operation and vehicle systems.

The root cause of most automobile electrical problems can be traced to three electrical circuit malfunctions: an opened circuit, a shorted circuit, or a grounding issue. If today’s auto electrical and electronics systems are causing you problems and stressing the limits of your transportation needs, get a thorough checkup done from an auto electrical technician at M&D Auto Services, who knows your car manufacturer’s system.

Lights and Electrical

Alternator Testing or Replacement
Battery Cable or Cable End
Battery Testing or Replacement
Brake Light Bulb
Door Window Motor
Door Window Regulator
Fog Light or Drive Light Bulb
Headlamp Bulb
License Plate Light Bulb
Side or Marker Light Bulb
Starter Replacement
Tail Light Bulb
Third Brake Light Bulb
Turn Signal Bulb